Friday, May 4, 2012


I made sure my publisher sent an advance copy of my novel to one of the best writers I know, Judy Clement Wall. (You can find Judy's writing always engaging and admirably fearless at Zebra Sounds, A Human Thing, and all over the worldwide web.) I was hoping she would comment on Sabrina's Window because she always has something interesting to say and says it exceptionally well.

Here's the first blurb you'll find inside when you open Sabrina's Window:

"Al Riske's writing is a gift. With uncommon grace and clarity, he arranges the details of our everyday lives into a sort of poetry. In Sabrina's Window, seventeen-year-old Joshua and 31-year-old Sabrina are searching for themselves when they find each other, forming a bond that is as unlikely as it is deep and abiding. Reading Riske's novel, I was reminded of how fragile and magnificent we humans are, how silly and petty ... and absolutely generous we can be."

Thank you, Judy Clement Wall. You rock.