Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blog Tour

The Possibility of Snow has been making the rounds. Here's what book bloggers are saying:

“In the end, you may feel both a sense of loss and peace, but also anger. Whatever your reaction to this work, it will be visceral.” 
— Naomi Leadbeater, Naimeless

“I loved the story and the way it was handled ... this was an honest, real, emotional and very well written book.” 
— Bri Wignall, NaturalBri

“The Possibility of Snow reminds us what it is like to develop a new relationship and all of the emotions involved. [It] keeps you turning the pages as Al Riske pushes the limits with the friendship of these two characters.” 
— Rachel Rennie, Rachel's Blog

“The author does a great job of showing the boundaries of new friendships and what happens when those boundaries are crossed.” 
— K.M. Hodge, In Review

“The ending blew me away! This book will challenge the way you think.”
— Avid book reader, Granny Loves to Read

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Taking Readers Through Highs and Lows

Stellar review from a writer I admire ...

Al Riske has a rare talent for connecting the reader to complex emotions. The Possibility of Snow showcases that talent – taking readers through highs and lows – and excels at evoking all the difficult-to-label feelings in between.

— Jay D. Gregory, author of Cry of the Phoenix