Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another First

Call it sudden fiction. Call it flash fiction. Call it a short short. Call it whatever you like.

My first piece in the genre — variously defined as under 500 words or under 1000 — has just been posted by one of my favorite online journals, Pindeldyboz.

Pin´del•dy•boz (Pin' dl dë bôz), n. 1. A feeling of confusion and/or anxiety, when ingeniously anesthetized by obese amounts of levity. 2. A situation of confusion and/or anxiety, when tampered with in the same manner as above.

The story is called "Disappointed," but Web editor Nora Fussner, I'm pleased to say, was not.

"I found myself thinking about the character Petra after I put the story down," she said, "a mark of any strong story."

It should only take you a minute to read. Maybe less.