Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Amazing Internet

It's amazing what you can learn about yourself on the Internet.

As a cross-country runner in high school, I had placed 82nd in the state championship, in Oregon. That much I knew.

What I learned on the Internet was that I had run the race in 13 minutes and 30 seconds.

I don't think I had ever known that. I certainly didn't expect to find it on the net.

It was a long time ago. 1972.

But there it is in black and white. The winning time, I see, was 11 minutes, 54 seconds.

I also see that three of my teammates finished ahead of me, three behind. I had almost forgotten their names, but now I can picture them clearly.

Dan Aunspaugh, Ed Nelson, Randy Herman, Doug Parham, Bob Knytysch, Steve Stoyles — great bunch of guys.


Anonymous said...

very cool. how long was the race?

Al Riske
(a.k.a. The Alster)

The race would have been at least 2.5 miles, possibly as much as 2.7. I was never sure, as course length varied. Alas, the Internet was no help on that one.

gnbardsley said...

I agree. I love the internet. Don't know what I'd do w/o it! :)

Bob K said...

Hello, Al from Bob Knytych!

Yes the internet is amazing. More amazing is that memories of an event from a long time ago are so vivid when triggered by a simple list of places and times. It was wet, muddy, cold, fast, and tough!

And indeed it was a great group of guys.

Al Riske
(a.k.a. The Alster)

Hi, Bob. Great to see your comment here. Drop me a line at alriske[at]