Friday, July 3, 2009

Delayed, in a Good Way

The publication date for my story collection, Precarious, is being pushed out until January or February. While I can't help but feel let down — eager as I am to hold the final product in my hands — the delay is actually good news.

It means that extra care is going into the release of my book.

It means that Midpoint — a major distributor that my publishers recently signed up — is putting together a more detailed marketing plan for us.

So I can wait. In fact, I'm happy to wait.

I'm actually more excited now, and more hopeful about the book's prospects, than I've ever been.


Paperface said...

Wow. Congratulations (I'm jealous).

Can't wait to read it :)

Al Riske
(a.k.a. The Alster)

Thanks, Paperface. I wish you every success with your own writing.

Anonymous said...

do you think I could get a carbon copy when it comes out. just like letters I used to get from you when you were in college!
hello old friend!