Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blog Tour: Sabrina's Window

Here's what book bloggers have been saying about Sabrina's Window:

"Each character in this lively novel has personality that jumps off the written page. Most are likable, but a few are irritating, as in the real world.... From beginning to end, each main character takes something away from the other and a sense of calm is restored in each soul.  I enjoyed Sabrina's Window immensely."
   All My Lives Now

"I knew from the first page that I was going to enjoy Al Riske’s writing style. It’s clean, uncluttered and without unnecessary drama. His characters are real, whole people with the usual assortment of insecurities and vulnerabilities (except for scene-stealing Tara with her big boobs and bigger mouth). The dialogue is excellent and sizzles in all the right places."
  Lakefront Muse

"Adolescent love, confusion and the weight of the world are just a few of the ideas explored in this intimate tale.... If I had children struggling with similar issues, I would probably discreetly leave a copy of this lying around and see what happened."

"Every chapter brought new revelations into each character and what drove them. It was a richly woven tapestry of everyday life, as beautiful and striking as the desert backdrop it took place in.... I found myself thinking about the relationships long after I had put the book down."
  My Life with Books and Boys

"A sweet and heart-warming coming-of-age story, Sabrina’s Window is one of those books that will make you want to read it over and over again. Al Riske immerses us in the life of young Joshua, a boy who’s unexpected circumstances draw his life in directions he never thought it would take. Sabrina might be older than him, but she lends their friendship a profound warmth and strength that endures through every turn of the page."
  Lissette E. Manning

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